May 1, 2023

Summer of Love 2023

Join the 100+ couples committed to deepening their connection with intention. This summer, dedicate 7 special date nights to your relationship.

Starting in June, spend one night a week with your partner having fun, deep, and intentional conversations to keep your relationship strong for your future together!
Here's the details:
-Watch our brief intro video together to get more info. Keep in mind - we recommend that your journey is 7 weeks, not 14.
-Have more questions? Email Jordyn at
-Register here when you are ready!
-Remember, this program is *free*
It was really fun!  We enjoyed the opportunity to slow down and work on the prompts together. The program does a good job of keeping things light hearted even when topics may be serious. We have always been willing to deeply share our thoughts and feelings, so there was not much new ground to cover. However, we did find that our discussions led to some insights that we might not have encountered before. For couples who might hesitate to share deep feelings, I can see this being even more helpful.