Seven Circles

Empowering Jewish Couples to maintain long-term healthy and fulfilling relationships through an interactive exploration of values, skill building, and love.

How it Works

Seven Circles runs quarterly. Fto register at any point throughout the year and we’ll be in touch right away with a ‘hello’ and the timing for our next session!

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A gift for you! Seven Circles couples will receive an Experience Box filled with gifts and items to help guide you through the program. While learning through the online curriculum, couples will be using physical items to help lift the program off the screen and into the room with you.

Watch this video with your partner and decide if this program is right for you! If you have questions, reach out and/or join a virtual info session.

About Our Program

Seven Circles guides couples through seven sections of content that are structured to be completed over 7 weeks, together. This program is self-guided through a virtual platform so couples have the opportunity to deepen engagement with each other in a private and comfortable setting.

Couples dive into topics that are foundational and important, like communication and conflict resolution. They also have the opportunity to open conversation around topics that research tells us can become more difficult for relationships over time, like finances, religion, and children.

    Seven Circles content combines self-reflection, games, conversation, and more. To help lift the program off the screen and in the room, each couple will receive an experience box filled with items connected to each section and gifts to stay fueled and focused.

    Skip your regular movie-dinner date night and make meaning out of your time together. Our seven circles of content will help build a long-term healthy a fulfilling relationship. You’ll dig deep and you’ll have fun! Don’t wait for challenges to arise in your relationship to take time and strengthen it; do it today with Seven Circles.

    Seven Circles is inclusive of everyone in our Jewish community.  This program is reflective of the beautiful diversity that we see within our Jewish community. We welcome all Jewish couples.

    1. All Jewish denominations
    2. Interfaith, multifaith, multicultural, and multiheritage couples
    3. All sexual orientations and gender identities