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Frequently asked questions

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Who is this program for?

Couples in a committed relationship and unmarried, of all different Jewish backgrounds (including interfaith/multifaith couples), sexual orientations, and gender identities who want to learn together about the keys to long-term healthy love.

How do we know if this is appropriate for our relationship?

Check out this site and decide what’s best for you! In Spring 2021 beta testers ranged from being in a relationship for 3 months through 8 years and engaged, and all of them found value in the program. This site is here to provide you with as much information as we can so you can make the best decision for your relationship. 

Is the content appropriate for couples with all types of goals and ideas about their future (whether they want children, how religious they are, if they don’t want to get married, etc.)? 

Each content piece was created to be inclusive of couples from all perspectives, for example, whether you want to have children or not and no matter the role religion plays in your life.

What is the cost of this program?

FREE! If you’d like to support the work we are doing, you can DONATE HERE.

What is the time commitment of this program?

Our recommendation is that you complete the 7 sessions over 7 weeks, all on your schedule. Couples are launched into the program quarterly, so we can help keep them on track throughout their journey. Register at any point throughout the year, and you’ll hear from us right away.

Is this couples therapy?

No! Seven Circles is for couples who are in healthy relationships and looking to continue to grow together. Couples who are experiencing issues in their relationship will not find solutions with Seven Circles (note: SHALVA has created this curriculum with the guidance of therapists and research, but couples will not be connected with a therapist). If you are experiencing issues in your relationship, we strongly encourage you to seek professional help. Please check out our Resources Page to learn more.

What if my partner isn’t interested but I am?

Success of this program comes when both partners are interested in participating. Check out some tips for how to talk to your partner if they aren’t interested Here. If they still aren’t interested, you can read through the educational content on this site that is available to anyone Here.

How is this a Jewish program? 

 SHALVA is proud to be an organization that supports the Jewish community. We work with anyone who self-identifies as Jewish, and that ranges from non-denominational to Ultra-Orthodox. For Seven Circles, we ask that at least one partner in the relationship identifies as Jewish. The content itself includes some Jewish content, but the curriculum related to religion was created in a way that is welcoming for anyone of any or no religion to be able to answer. The reality is, religion and spirituality are important topics to discuss when you are in a committed relationship, and they can become more complicated as you grow together, therefore Seven Circles has provided curriculum for the topic that is appropriate no matter your affiliation.

Who is SHALVA and how are they involved in supporting this program?

SHALVA envisions a knowledgeable and supportive community dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse, where everyone feels safe and respected in their home or relationship. We also care deeply about fostering healthy relationships across the community. SHALVA was able to identify that young adult couples are at a critical age to learn more about long-term healthy love, and yet there are very few ways to get that education. Thanks to a generous anonymous donation, Seven Circles was created to fill this need.