Explore all types of resources here including free, downloadable educational content and tips if you need some guidance around community resources, like therapy and places you can reach out to for help.

Active listening. 

We all know generally what it means to listen, but with strong communication being the key to a healthy relationship, it’s important to dive into the details.

Tips for a healthy financial relationship. 

Finances can be one of the most challenging issues that arise for couples in their relationship. Check out our tips for a healthy and balanced financial relationship.

How to have a healthy argument.

Arguments in your relationship are inevitable. Learn how to manage them in a positive, safe, and productive way that can ultimately become beneficial     for your relationship.

Educational: designed to help you.

Tips for the program: designed to help you.

If your partner isn’t interested.

Seven Circles is appropriate for couples where both individuals are interested in participating. If you are unsure how to talk to your partner about participating, especially if they aren’t interested, check out these tips.

If your partner disengages during the program. 

Even the most well-intentioned partner may become disengaged as you make your way through the program. Read this to get some ideas on how to manage if this is going on.

Exercises to help you focus during the program.

Feeling stuck on a topic? Can’t get your head into it? Try some of these short, easy exercises to recharge and refocus.

Community Resources designed to help you.

Seven Circles is designed to help you open up conversations together and gain tools you can utilize to keep the foundations of your relationship strong and healthy over time. It is not meant to address issues within your relationship, mental health issues, the processing of trauma, etc. If you are currently experiencing any of these, or if something comes up as you go through the program content, we strongly recommend reaching out to the appropriate resource for support. You can always contact with questions.

Our Thoughts on Therapy

SHALVA’s Support: SHALVA’s mission is to support Jewish women who are experiencing and healing from abuse. Our therapists offer a safe place for women to gain insight, explore options and break free of their isolation. We have a 24/7 Helpline available that can help you better understand if what you are experiencing is abuse, if you are unsure, confused, or scared. You can also go to for more educational content.


Couples Counseling: What SHALVA provides is very different from what other therapists provide. If you are not in an abusive relationship but you and your partner are struggling through difficulty in your relationship, couples counseling may be right for you. Here are some scenarios where couples counseling may be the right step for your relationship:

  • There are significant trust issues, including but not limited to infidelity

  • You are constantly in conflict or bickering

  • You have completely disengaged with each other

  • You are struggling to agree on a major issue like whether to have children, where to live, etc.

Individual Counseling: you may have come to Seven Circles looking to strengthen your relationship but it’s brought up other personal, emotions. Finding support for yourself will in-turn strengthen your relationship. Here are some scenarios where individual counseling may be a great step for you:

  • You’ve experienced past trauma

  • You have difficulty managing relationships with extended family/friends

  • You have/had substance use issues

  • You are struggling with your self-esteem

  • You experience heightened anxiety or depression

  • You struggle with eating and/or body image

  • You’re just looking for some extra, individual support

Searching for a therapist can be a daunting task. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin your search:

You may have come to Seven Circles looking to strengthen your relationship but it’s brought up other personal, emotions. Finding support for yourself will in-turn strengthen your relationship. Here are some scenarios where individual counseling may be a great step for you:

  • Identify your main goal in finding a therapist and search for folks with that specialty.

  • If you are looking for support with something very specific, such as sexual assault, substance use, eating disorder, etc. there may be an organization (like SHALVA is for domestic abuse survivors) that can guide you faster or have in-house resources for you.

  • Be open about who your therapist is. You may have a picture in your head about who your therapist is – gender, age, etc. but be open to anyone who specializes in what you’re looking for. No matter their characteristics, they have the education to do the work to support you.


National Alliance of
Mental Illness

  • National text hotline: 177441
  • Chicago North Suburban (847)-716-2252
  • llinois (800)-346-4572

Jewish Child and
Family Services

  • Main: (847) 745 5451
  • Marriage and Relationship
  • Emotional, Physical and Sexual Traumas
  • Divorce Specialty Center
    (847) 412-4347

Center on Haulsted

  • healthy and well-being of the LGBTQ+ people of Chicagoland
  • behavioral health resources click here

Howard Brown
Health Center

  • Main: (773) 388 1600
  • Provides affirming healthcare to the LGBTQ+ community
Domestic Violence

Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Chicago Rap Crisis Hotline

  • Main: (888)-293-2080
  • A Safe Place
  • thus creating safe and healthy communities

Illinois Resource Recommendations:

Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - crisis resource list

  • National crisis text line: 741741

  • NAMI Cook County North Suburban (847)-716-2252

  • NAMI Chicago (312)-563-0445

  • NAMI Illinois (800)-346-4572

Counseling & Wellness

Jewish Child and Family Services (847) 745-5451

  • Marriage and Relationship Issues

  • Emotional, Physical and Sexual Traumas

  • Divorce Specialty Center – (847) 412-4347

Josselyn Center

  • Community mental health provider offering a full range of therapeutic care.

Center on Halsted

  • Community center dedicated to advancing community and securing the healthy and well-being of the LGBTQ+ people of Chicagoland.

  • Click Here to learn more about behavioral health resources and how to reach out.

Howard Brown Health Center

  • Provides affirming healthcare to the LGBTQ+ community.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  • Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline 1-877-863-6338 – 24/7 assistance for shelter and referrals

  • All Illinois Agencies


  • SHALVA offers confidential domestic abuse counseling services Jewish community in a culturally sensitive and caring environment.

  • 24/7 helpline 773-583-HOPE(4673)


A Safe Place

  • 24/7 hotline 1-800-600-SAFE (7233)

  • Counseling for men who perpetrate abuse
    (847)-721-7165 x127

Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline 24/7: (888)-293-2080

Resilience: Empowering survivors, ending sexual violence

YWCA Evanston

  • 24/7 crisis line (877) 718-1868

  • General counseling, including men who are victims of abuse

  • Legal advocacy (847) 470-5052

Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center

  • 24/7 support line (847) 872-7799

Adversity/financial difficulties

The Ark is a safety net for all Jewish Chicagoans who are struggling to make ends meet. (773) 973-1000

National Resources:

National Domestic Violence Hotline (English and Spanish):

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network):

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Click Here for top helpline resources from NAMI (including organizations focused on depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, schizophrenia, ADHD, and more)