July 27, 2022

Fall Deeper in Love

Take some time this Fall to connect with your partner through our seven interactive date night experiences. Learn more today!

It's Summer now, but soon enough we’ll be pulling out our scarves and leaves will be crunching under our feet! This Fall, dedicate 7 special date nights to deepening your connection with intention.

If you are in a committed relationship and thinking about next steps - maybe moving in together, getting engaged, or just learning more about each other - then Seven Circles is for you! Dedicate your Fall to your relationship. Seven Circles takes you through 7 date night experiences guided by online content and a curated experience box of gifts that make each date interactive and intentional.

Here are all the details:

Fall Deeper in Love between September 1 – December 8. This program is self-guided. We provide the content and you schedule and commit to keeping the date nights you decide on together (we recommend scheduling a date night once every other week at most).

  • To learn more about Seven Circles before registering watch our brief intro video together.
  • Have more questions? Email us at sevencircles@shalvacares.org and/or join our upcoming virtual info session on Tuesday, August 23rd!
  • Register here when you are ready!
  • This program is *free*

After your annual apple-picking date or a hike in the woods to see the changing leaves, spend some uniquely special time with your partner. Learn more about Seven Circles and join our Fall Deeper in Love session today!