April 5, 2022

Building Rituals for Love

Bringing ritual into your relationship early on helps ensure a smoother journey together as life gets more complicated over time. Let Seven Circles share some tips for the right ritual mindset!

Long-term, loving relationships can sometimes feel like a mystery, especially when we’re young. How do you stay connected and happy over time? While every person and every relationship is different, we know that one key for all relationships is ritual. Strengthen this muscle early in your relationship, so it becomes a foundation you can return to when life becomes more complicated over time. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Building Mindset

You may have heard that building habits and creating rituals for yourself is healthy; consider the benefits of regular exercise, reading a newspaper every morning, or calling your Bubbe once a month. The same logic goes for your intimate relationship.

Building Routine

Building regular routines with your partner can bring a stabilization to your relationship that proves to be core to your happiness over time. Some people may roll their eyes when they think about scheduling date nights or committing to one tech-free meal a week together but creating the routine early in your relationship can become helpful when the inevitable messiness occurs later. 

Building Rituals

Whether it’s getting a promotion at work, adding children to your home, or supporting aging parents, genuine connection with your partner becomes more difficult over time. When you create the pattern early, you can more easily keep it going. Plus, building regular rituals can bring joy to the everyday. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your Wednesday tech-free dinner together - the anticipation of connection exciting you!

Building Jewish Rituals

Every family celebrates differently, so hearing from one another which Jewish holidays and rituals you wish to bring into the home you build is deeply important. More broadly, connecting with intention is a very Jewish aspect of healthy relationships. Saying you want to connect with your partner isn’t enough. Creating intentional space and intentional patterns to your time will make you a stronger couple. Throughout Seven Circles we provide tools like the gratitude practice that you can carry beyond the program.

As you consider what rituals to bring into your relationship, start with Seven Circles. You are the guide of this 7 session program so you create the schedule to hold yourselves accountable to. Making this small commitment and sticking with it can set you on a long-term path of healthy love.