February 2, 2022

7 Tips to Talk About Seven Circles

Excited about Seven Circles but not sure if your partner is? Read our tips on how to approach the conversation and what to keep in mind.

You’re excited about Seven Circles but you think your partner may not be so interested, what do you do? Here are our top 7 tips for talking to your partner about Seven Circles:

  1. Be respectful and open-minded. If you aren’t seeing eye-to-eye about this (or any topic!) you should always show respect towards your partner and work to understand their viewpoint, and you should expect that back. 
  2. Think about situations when you feel really connected to your partner (on a walk, after watching your favorite show, during Shabbat dinner) and use that time to bring this topic up. 
  3. Avoid the discussion during more stressful or heated conversations. You may have a moment where you are arguing about something else and you think “See, this is why we should do the Seven Circles program!”...not the best angle to take. Seven Circles is about connecting with positivity and good intention for you both. Bring that positivity into your conversations about it.
  1. Focus on the why, not the specifics and logistics. What makes you excited about this opportunity? What topics are most interesting to you? What more do you want to learn about your partner?
  2. Speak and listen in equal measure. Ask for their thoughts and truly hear what they are saying.
  3. Emphasize that this program is for couples to strengthen their relationship, not for couples who ‘need help’ or are having difficulty in their relationship. Remember, it’s a chance for you to grow and have fun together, but only if both people are excited. Take note: 1. This isn’t therapy! 2. You are connecting in the privacy and comfort of your home; just the two of you.
  4. Ask not to ‘close the door’. Maybe your partner isn’t ready right now, but ask them to stay open-minded and revisit the conversation later.

Are you and your partner on board? That’s great! Join an info session to hear more details before registering. Virtual info sessions are every other Tuesday at 7pm CST.