March 1, 2023

Seven Circles Spring Connect

Spring is the perfect time for walks, bike rides, picnics, and soaking up the sun after a long winter. During this season of renewal and growth, dedicate seven special date nights to deepening your connection with your partner!

Over the past year, we’ve had over 80 couples register for Seven Circles! We’ve listened to feedback and added new exercises and a new format.

This spring, choose one night a week to complete each circle. In seven weeks, you'll feel more connected with your partner and ready for what the future has to offer, together!

Our Seven Circles Spring Connect session will launch April 1st; read more and register today.

Here's the details:

-Watch our brief intro video together to get the details. Keep in mind - this spring's journey will be 7 weeks, not 14.

-Have more questions? Email us at

-Register here when you are ready!

-Remember, this program is *free*

"I would definitely encourage couples to do this if they want to grow closer and have dedicated time and space for important conversations. This is especially great for couples who have been dating a while and are starting to think about what their future looks like."